Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tiny Pencil zine issue 2.0

3 zines in 1! Martian, Monster and Mammal.

A fantastic box design by the tres talented Kristyna Baczynski.

Super zine covers by Eleanor Taylor.

My pages in the new zine.
A couple of months back I was invited to take part in the second issue of a zine called Tiny Pencil.  The brief- using only pencil and one colour create a fun activity or comic with the theme of mammal, martian or monster.  I picked the martian option and drew a number of moons.  The mustard spot colour used in the martian zine is one of my favourite colours, mmm mustard moons!

Tiny Pencil issue 2.0 is a set of three top notch zines packaged in a neat box full of stickers, fact cards, colouring pencils and dice.  Its packed full of amazing artwork by lots of amazing artists and illustrators.  To get hold of a copy head on over to the Tiny Pencil website.

There is a new interview with me up on the Tiny Pencil blog too, you can find that here!

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