Sunday, 30 March 2014

A trade show challenge

Beer mat business cards, with my details printed on the reverse
A glimpse at a freshly printed notecard set and gift tag/sticker pack

This time next week I'll be starting out on day no.1 at the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate, West Yorkshire.  It will be my first time exhibiting at a trade show, it's something I've been building up to for a while now.  I've sold at many a craft and print retail fair over the last 8 years but decided it was time to try out another type of event, one aimed directly at potential stockists.  For the upcoming BCTF show I've pushed myself to create as many new products as I can, and devised a colour coordinated layout for my stand. Red, yellow and blue!

Above are a few photos of my current preparations.  I've designed and screen printed 7 new products so far with 3 more to finish printing this week.  The new work includes greetings cards, tote bags, stationery packs and other paper products.  More about those soon!

My talented other half Sam has built a wall mounted card display (see above photo) which had a test run earlier this morning, it works a treat!

After the BCTF event you can find me at Manchester Print Fair on Saturday 12th April, I'll have lots of new products in tow.  More events to be announced soon.  I'd best get back to the printing table!