Tuesday, 25 June 2013


New products! Pattern Notecards and Pattern Tags

Each set come packaged in a gift box, all fully screen printed in lots of colours as you can see.  This new stationery collection is inspired by mid century fabric patterns, so lots of colour and bold shapes.  The cards and tags match, all you need is a sheet of brown paper to make a fully coordinated set of gift wrap.

Both packs are available in my Etsy shop and Not on the High Street shop.  I'll be adding more products to the Patterns range as soon as my new screen printing workshop at home is up and running!

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Here's introducing Seb! 

Sam and I collected him from TIA Greyhound Rescue the day we moved to Kendal 3 weeks ago.  He's settling in really well (currently asleep in his bed next to me dreaming/running horizontally) and seems really happy to have a home. 

Until Deb who runs TIA saved Seb from a pound in Doncaster he had been a stray, dumped by his trainer when he stopped performing on the race track.  As a result he had a severe case of mange and some of his teeth had gone bad.  He's covered in little scars and bald patches and is missing the tip of his tail, poor little fella.  Deb got him clear of the mange and had the bad teeth removed.  He then spent 7 months at the TIA kennels awaiting a new home.  Being plain black he was overlooked alongside many other black greyhounds, people tend to pick the 'fancier' looking dogs. 

Me and Sam took Seb for a walk one Sunday in May and he kept leaning on Sam's leg so he'd stroke him- we were sold!  He's a very affectionate and playful boy, 5 years old, loves a tummy rub and going for walks.  How anyone could abandon him I really don't know, no way to repay a creature that was raced for money.  From now on he will be treated like a king and have lots of walks around Kendal and lake Windermere and lots of roast chicken- his favourite!

I've just listed a little zine I made about Eli, my lovely old greyhound friend who we sadly lost in February.  Its a mini A7 zine, fully screen printed, the same format as a few others I made recently.  Available now in my Etsy shop

More about my recent move to Kendal and photos of my new studio to follow soon!