Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Saltaire Arts Trail and a screen printing workshop

Memo table at Saltaire Arts Trail this weekend

New banners!

New business cards!

Day 2 of the screen printing workshop I taught at the Bowery Leeds 11th & 12 May 2013

T shirts and tote bags printed at the workshop

I've spent the last three days selling my wares at Saltaire Arts Trail Makers Fair.  I've been busy preparing new work for this over the last couple of months and it finally arrived!  

Now the fair is over its time to pack up my house!  Me and my chap Sam are moving to Kendal on Thursday.  Sam has an exciting new job and I am finally going full time with Memo and setting up a screen print workshop at home.  I've been working towards this since I graduated in 2007.  A little bit more preparation and I'll be up and running towards the end of June, so excited!

Also above are a few photos from a two day screen printing workshop I taught at the Bowery in Leeds on the 11th & 12th May.  We spent a day printing onto paper- notecards, gift wrap, tags and gift boxes.  Then a day printing onto fabric- t shirts and tote bags.  I won't be leading many more classes at the Bowery due to moving away, just one more screen print workshop on Saturday 23rd November.

I have new work I need to photograph, this will be one of my first tasks when I've unpacked at the new house.  News from Kendal soon!


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  1. well done, everything is looking great and you sound like it's really coming on.