Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Farewells and exhibitions

Since returning from Norway its not been the easiest time at Memo HQ.  My lovely greyhound Eli had been getting slower for a while and after getting quite poorly we had to say goodbye. 

Having a dog is one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done, he was my studio companion, listened to everything I had to say and was always happy to see me.  In return for a comfy bed, nice food and lots of little walks he gave me an unfailing friendship and a very calming presence that made everything better.  I'm really going to miss him, he was a lovely old chap.  So long Eli xx

I've been making a zine about the little fellow, that will be finished and screen printed soon.

Now that Eli has gone me and Sam are in need of a fresh start, we're both really sad and home doesn't feel the same anymore.  Memo could be on the move pretty soon...

I made a little zine about Norway on returning to Leeds, here's the printing in progress.

The first batch of 'Fjord zine' flew out the door at the Leeds Artist Book Fair last weekend.   I'll screen print a new batch in the next couple of weeks and have those available online soon! 

Talking of the book fair here's a couple of images of my table at the event.  I unveiled a few new zines and products which I've been working on recently.  More news of new products to follow very soon.

The final thing I'd like to mention is an exhibition I'm currently part of with the Girls Who Draw.  'Mythical Creatures' is on show at Here Gallery in Bristol until Saturday 6th April.  Here's the amazing flyer created by the very talented Kristyna Baczynski.

Artists featuring in the show are Karoline Rerrie (who curated the show), Mina Braun, Lee May Foster-Wilson, Ruth Green, Kate Hindley, Kristyna Baczynski, Yee Ting Kuit, Christina Lamb, Sarah Lippett, Esther McManus, Beth Morrison and me.

I created two new limited edition screen prints for the show, 'Robo Guy' and 'Robo Gal', each an edition of 10 and A3 in size.

Robots in progress

There's my two robots at the top on the left!  This exhibition will be moving on to a new location after April, more information to follow.

For now I'll leave you with a little look at a new pattern project I'm working on...


  1. I'm sorry about Eli, i hope that things look up soon. I'm going to bristol to drop some stock off to a shop in stokes croft so i will definatly pop in and have a look! sounds great.

  2. saying goodbye is never easy but you never forget. sorry for your loss