Wednesday, 7 September 2011

hello there!

Well its been a while, I'm back from my travels, fully rested and with a brain full of new ideas ready to be put down on paper. Here's a few photos from my travels in Portland, the Oregon coast, Yosemite and lots of other beautiful places.

I would also like to announce the arrival of Eli, my new retired greyhound friend who has come to live with us. He will be keeping me company while I work at home. I've pretty much waited all my life for a four legged friend, so excited to have him here! More updates soon, hope it hasn't rained too much while I was away, I got pretty used to 30 degrees C each day, my kind of temperature!


  1. Eli is so handsome!

    thanks again for the postcard ...your holiday snaps are making me jealous...the trees look like the ones at the begiining of twin peaks

  2. some of Twin Peaks was filmed fairly nearby, next year I think we might explore TP locations more.. we didn't get time to visit the Double R diner, difnitely need to go there!

    Eli says 'ello'

  3. It looks gorgeous! I'd love to go there! Glad you had an ace time! We've just got a dog too, a 2 year old pug called Winston! :)

  4. nice photos. looks like fun! yay for adopting eli the retired greyhound :)

  5. What a lovely dog! He looks like he has some stories to tell. Happy retirement, Eli.
    Love the tall trees. What is on your plate? Looks like a pasty. Best wishes, Beverley

  6. ooh that was a tasty plate of food.. orzo salad, greek veggies, a pastry with goats cheese and pepper and artichoke & parmesan crisps! lovely stuff!

    Eli won a few races in his day, I looked up his race history, he must have been quick!