Friday, 14 January 2011

wedding bells

at the end of 2010 a friend of mine Ellen married her dreamboat Matt. Ellen asked me to design and print a card that guests could use at the reception to write a message to the happy couple. these cards were pegged up on a line for everyone to see. i screen printed 150 of them onto recycled pink card

happy new year folks! its been a bit of a slow start for me, got a bit of a fluey bug last week and i'm struggling to shake it off. ignoring that and back to more interesting things.. i've got quite a few projects and products lined up over the next few months. first up is the second issue of Ten Fingers zine which i will begin screen printing this coming week, i'm hoping it will be completed and ready to go at the beginning of February, i'll let you know!


  1. Happy new year! I was very happy to find one of your typewriter prints under my Christmas tree this year - have wanted one for ages :)

  2. super! glad you like it :)