Friday, 16 July 2010

a new website and a giveaway!

this week i have launched my new website, its been long overdue for a while now. to celebrate it's completion i am going to give away one copy of a collaborative zine i recently made called ten fingers. it contains work by a number of my very talented friends including gemma correll, anthony zinonos, and jen collins to name a few. the issue i am giving away is number 2 in the edition of 100 (i'm keeping number one for myself, sorry).

if you would like to own this little paper treat i thought we'd keep in tow with the zine theme which is 'hometowns', tell me something interesting about where you are from. leave me a comment on this post and i will pick one winner at random on monday 26th july.

how does that sound?


  1. I was born in Swansea but live in Keynsham.
    A long time ago, so I'm told, there were three Richards brothers in Swansea who were very famous and important. One owned an iron works and made all the railways lines for Wales and the south west, another was an architect and built the town hall and museum and the third was the mayor! Bonkers.
    I bet they all wore big stovepipe hats too...

    In Keynsham there are a lot of ammonites and the story goes that St. Keyna turned all the nasty snakes in the local area to stone... I think the 3 brothers story is more likely, frankly - besides they'd only have been Adders, Slow worms or Grass snakes around here so Ms. Keyna's response seems a bit disproportionate; what a cow!

  2. Parts of the The Highlander, Flash Gordon and The Wickerman were all filmed in or feature parts of my hometown of Skye. Good eh?

  3. hi helen, your new site looks great, please count me in for the giveaway - i'll keep my 'ten fingers' crossed:) I'm originally from Plymouth which is famous for Sir Francis Drake, the Pilgrim Fathers who set sail for America from there and it's also the home of the Plymouth Gin

  4. 你要保守你的心,勝過保守一切,因為一生的果效是由心發出................................................

  5. I was born in the lovely wee Aberdeenshire town of Inverurie.

    It has a great history for such a small town (about 12000 people). Although it is now one of the fastest growing towns in Britain.

    A handful of historical battles have taken place, including the Battle of Barra in 1307 in which Robert the Bruce defeated John Comyn in a bid to cut off any other claims to his throne as Kind of Scotland.

    In more recent times, the town has been the birth place of a number of high profile sports stars, including former World Squash No 1 Peter Nicol and former Dundee United, Celtic & current Middlesborough football Barry Robson.

    We also have a potential GB Olympic-medal winner in swimmer, Hannah Miley. She finished 6th in the 400m IM in Beijing 2008 and was 4th in the same event at the World Championships in 2009. Not bad for a 20 year old! Did I mention she lives on the same street and was pals with my sister?

    Anyway, that's a brief look at Inverurie's great past, present, and hopefully future. It's a wonderful wee town :)

  6. Hi Helen,

    Your new website looks gorgeous, congrats!

    I was born in Amsterdam, and after some years away I finally moved back to "my" city a few years ago. Why? Because there's no place in my country so lovely, inspiring and buzzing as this beautiful Amsterdam!
    People always think it's busy and crowded and such, but as a local I am happy to have found my way to the prettiest, cutest and most quiet places. And when I take people there I really LOVE their surprised faces!

    Have a lovely day!


  7. oh cool.

    i was born in blackpool, i say and say it again, faded seaside glamour. the town is a wreck now but i still love it because it has the old reminds of its hay day. plus john lennon loved it hear! then he dragged the rest of the beatles up hear to tour

  8. I lived in two different places in the states growing up. The first town was the hometown of Mr T and our school bus went past his house. The second, apparently my high school was the same high school the guy in Big Bird's suit went to high school.

    beat that!

  9. I was born in Turin, Italy... I want to move soon in another place like Amsterdam or London. In Italy illustration is not considered like a real job, so I think is better for me to leave this city!
    Also beacause I always lived here since I was born!!

    congrats for the site! and i would love to win this amazing zine!!

    have a nice day!


  10. Where Im from, people that are called jack, we call them john, and people that are called john we call jack.

  11. My home town in Nebraska is literally "The Middle of Nowhere." We have Middle of Nowhere Days and my sister was once crowned Little Miss Middle of Nowhere. Needless to say, it was a small town.

  12. Im originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne. So i share my birthplace with Jimmy Nail.

  13. In my hometown of York it is legal to kill a Scotsman from the city walls if he is carrying a bow and arrow. Not on a Sunday though, that would be offensive...

  14. wow, I don't think I can compete with these other hometown tales, but I'll give it a go...I'm from Harleysville, PA, USA, which is populated by conservatives and a handful of housing developments...but it was founded by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the 1700's, and is often confused by non-locals with the place where Harley Davidsons were first created...