Saturday, 10 October 2009

the make, bake and grow fair last weekend..

for some reason unknown to me i didn't take any photos at the make, bake and grow fair in armley last sunday. i did take some photos of my stall the night before when i set it up on my kitchen table. this is pretty much what it looked like on sunday.

it was a really good day, some of the cakes entered into the competiton looked really impressive, check them out on the make, bake and grow blog here and the leeds grub blog here


  1. oh gosh! There is a squirrel on your kitchen table!!

    He's fantastic!! xo

  2. What a good idea... take a picture when you're calm and collected the night before then you'll know how to display everything the next day. If only I had a tiny bit of common sense!

    That squirrel is great by the way

  3. it definitely helped my stress levels to plan it out the night before!