Thursday, 9 July 2009

recent goings on

heres a bit of an update on what i've been up to recently...

i spent last week in france, having a rest and seeing the sights. pictured above are a few of the things i found at a 2nd hand warehouse and a carboot sale. exciting times!

while i was away i had a giveaway over at the design for mankind website. somebody somewhere will have just won a couple of my cube chaps.

i've also had a mention on a polish blog called blog is art. agnieszka who runs the blog lives in krakov. i went there once, its a lovely city.

before i went away i ventured to bradford on thursday 25th june for the opening night of the Colouring Outside the Lines exhibition, which features the work of a range of female artists and illustrators. colt is a blog and zine organised by melanie maddison (one of the curators of the exhibition). the evening was also the launch for issue 5 of colouring outside the lines zine in which i have a drawing. the exhibition is on until 24th july at gallery II at bradford university.
if you're into tacky/kitsch collections of things like i am its worth a visit to see a cabinet full of amazing snow globes!
find out more about colt zine here

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